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Seminar on gear tooth machining technology

Issuing time:2021-01-18 11:32

From July 11 to 12, 2019, "2019 high precision gear manufacturing technology seminar" was held in Jiashan, Zhejiang Province. More than 210 representatives from the gear industry at home and abroad attended the meeting.

At present, China's equipment manufacturing industry is in an important period of technological innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading. The "high precision gear manufacturing technology seminar" held is of great significance. The theme of this conference is: innovation and upgrading, cooperation and development. This is the requirement of the market and the development direction of our gear transmission industry under the new situation. The seminar conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges around the theme of the conference, reached a consensus on production, learning, research and application, and formed a new driving force for industrial development.

On the morning of July 11, "2019 high precision gear manufacturing technology seminar" was solemnly opened. Leaders, guests and representatives gathered to discuss major events. Mr. Li Zhongbao, Secretary General of basic parts branch of China mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and Transformation Technology Association, the organizer of the conference, made a warm opening speech for the conference.

In his speech, the Secretary General said: at present, with the acceleration of China's industrialization process, the automotive industry, agriculture and construction machinery put forward higher requirements for the development of the gear industry, and the requirements for the bearing capacity and reliability of gear products are also correspondingly improved. Gear itself has high bearing capacity, high tooth surface hardness, high precision, high speed, high reliability and high transmission efficiency, which is the necessary performance of gear as the transmission machinery itself, and also the direction of continuous efforts to improve. Under the background of Sino US trade conflict, the international situation is complex and changeable. At the same time, the continuous improvement of robot technology and new energy vehicle technology indicators has brought new challenges and opportunities to the development of domestic gear industry. Enterprises should not only practice their "internal skills" well, but also rely on external forces to continuously develop themselves. As a mass organization serving the national basic parts industry, CMSA basic parts branch will fulfill the role of government link and enterprise bridge, integrate higher quality resources, rely on gear drive magazine and relevant platforms to do a good job in the communication and cooperation of various enterprises in the gear industry, and work together to create a new situation for the development of China's gear industry!

After the opening ceremony, Feng Guo, the general manager of kappa Asia Technology (Jiashan) Co., Ltd., the co organizer of the conference, delivered a welcome speech to the conference. Mr. Feng welcomed everyone to the beautiful Jiashan to attend the seminar on high precision gear manufacturing technology, and gave a high degree of support and cooperation to the conference. As the host guest leader of the conference, Mr. Feng introduced Jiashan's experience to the participants Development and changes and Kapp company's efforts and contributions to co organizing this conference.

After the opening ceremony, the conference entered into the keynote address:

Mr. Xia Zhongfa of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. made an analysis report on the improvement of NVH gear accuracy of commercial vehicle transmission. Focusing on the accuracy improvement of intermediate shaft gear of commercial vehicle transmission, he made a wonderful speech from the aspects of NVH problems existing in commercial vehicle transmission, main parameters of NVH, manufacturing process of intermediate shaft and how to improve process quality..

Heat treatment deformation is a difficult problem in gear manufacturing industry, which is one of the main factors restricting the manufacturing quality and performance of transmission. It is affected by the shape and structure of gear, raw materials, forging normalizing structure, heat treatment process, tooling and other factors. Mr. Wang Cai, the chief engineer from Zhuzhou Gear Co., Ltd., made a report on "control analysis of carburizing and quenching deformation of cylindrical gears". Mr. Wang Cai mainly explained the mechanism of carburizing and quenching deformation, the method of controlling carburizing and quenching deformation, and the coordination of machining and heat treatment.

Electric vehicle reducer is a relatively precise machine, its purpose is to reduce speed and increase torque. Mr. Wang Dong, an engineer from Automotive Engineering Research Institute of China Automotive Center, brought "NVH control method of pure electric vehicle reducer" to the delegates. Mr. Wang Dong made a wonderful and detailed report on NVH control method of reducer, optimization cases, challenges and trends.

The basic principle of gear form grinding is to use the form grinding wheel with the section corresponding to the tooth groove section shape of the gear to be processed to make the grinding wheel rotate at high speed and move back and forth along the axis of the workpiece. After one tooth is grinded, the second tooth is grinded by dividing, and the whole tooth width is grinded by the feed movement of the worktable. The grinding wheel moves back and forth along the axis of the workpiece for a stroke, and the workpiece is divided into one tooth. In this way, the number of teeth of the gear can be recycled to finish grinding a gear. Wang Jingan, deputy general manager of Nanjing Kangni Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., made a report on "Application of three-axis CNC wheel dresser in precision gear grinding". Mr. Wang said that the three-axis CNC wheel dresser has the unique advantage that the shape error of the wheel being dressed is not affected by the wear of diamond roller.

After the morning theme meeting, the participants took a group photo. In the afternoon, a special lecture was given

Liu Xinrong, director of the technical center of Jiangsu Songtian CNC Technology Co., Ltd., made a report entitled "design, development and application of high efficiency and high precision CNC spline milling machine".

Dr. Gong Yu from CMCC Productivity Promotion Center gave a report on "gear transmission test and inspection and manufacturing process improvement". Dr. Gong Yu made a detailed report and Analysis on the birth of the integrated system of design manufacture test, how to improve the fatigue strength and NVH performance of gear products.

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